The IBC Partnership: REACH YOUR PEAK

Building your business

Building your business in the insurance industry is about fostering relationships that help you grow. IBC is here to help you reach your peak.


IBC Agents have full access to the Medicare Library, a comprehensive training tool that tells you everything you need to know – and more- about Medicare. We also provide:

  • New Agent Trainings
  • Weekly Webinars
  • Local Mentorship

The Medicare Engine

One of the most overwhelming parts of getting organized with your Medicare business is managing everything that goes on before and after the sale. Enter the Medicare Engine. With this tool, IBC agents will have access to:

  • Contracting and Certification Status with all carriers in our hierarchy
  • Plan Documents include benefit summaries, formularies, enrollment forms, and more
  • Detailed instructions for the various methods of submitting business with each carrier, as well as all required documents (Fax cover pages, etc)
  • A “Carrier Rolodex” with all important carrier contacts to help you get in touch with the right person on the first call
  • Search and Compare capabilities, as well as the ability to bookmark specific searches and specific plans
  • Medicare Supplement quote tool
  • ….and so much more!

Increasing Sales

Your success is our success. In order to help our agents increase their sales production, we provide:

  • Internet and Mailer Lead Programs
  • Business Planning
  • Marketing Dollars
  • Retail Partnerships (Walmart, CVS, and more)
  • Medicare Express – Online Enrollment Platform

Retail Opportunities

Between October and December, every Medicare Beneficiary is a potential customer. However, getting in front of them isn’t always easy. With the HBH program sponsored by Walmart, as well as those run by CVS and Apricus Health, we are able to get our agents into a retail setting each Annual Enrollment Period. The best part? We’ll pick up the marketing fee for you.

Electronic Enrollment powered by the Medicare Enrollment Express

Our FMO partnerships allow us to provide cutting-edge technology to our agents, at no cost to them. The Medicare Enrollment Express is an Electronic Enrollment Platform that enables you to conduct all of your electronic enrollments in one spot. It even allows you to generate your own personal shopping link that you can share with customers so that they can complete their enrollments themselves, if they choose.

Growth Opportunities

Many agents, after finding success with their own personal business, choose to transition to building their own sales teams. IBC is proud to not only partner with existing agencies, but also to build your own.

Our Agency Partners Include:

Lets Get

We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business.