Verma Says CMS Will Approve More Waivers For Medicaid Work Requirements.

CMS Will Approve More Waivers

CMS “is finalizing approval for a fifth state to require Medicaid beneficiaries to either work, volunteer or seek training in order to qualify for coverage, Administrator Seema Verma said Thursday.” She did not indicate “which state would earn the approval, but said the announcement would come ‘soon.’” To date, “only Arkansas has implemented the so-called work requirements, which resulted in 4,300 people being kicked off the rolls this month.” Verma is quoted as saying, “I have heard the criticism, and felt the resistance, but I reject the premise, and here is why: it is not compassionate to trap people on government programs, or create greater dependency on public assistance as we expand programs like Medicaid. … True compassion is giving people the tools necessary for self-sufficiency – allowing able-bodied, working age adults to experience the dignity of a job, of contributing to their own care, and gaining a foothold on the path to independence.”

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